Visiting Panama

Why Panama? We were introduced to Panama through Shannon's mom Jenny. Jenny is building a retirement home in the country and when she visited she's always bring back the cutest items for her two grand-daughters. Seeing how much her girls loved the items, and seeing how versatile they are, Shannon brought Jen on-board to help make these beautiful clothes accessible to everyone!

Panama City Artisan Market

We took our first company trip to Panama September of this year (2016). Jenny and her friend Juan hosted us and helped us find our way to the markets and the artisan woman. We stayed near Juan's farm near the city of David where we were able to take in the lush and green landscape.

Visting Juan's farm

We quickly became fascinated by Juan's "pet" parrot Bookie. One day last year Bookie flew out of the forest and adopted Juan as her person. She is in love with Juan and gets very jealous of anyone else in Juan's life. Here she is giving Jen some side-eye:

Bookie and Juan

It was a productive trip where we connected with some wonderful organizations that aid the local native woman. We also became very inspired by all the beautiful textiles and are excited about possibilities to introduce more to the shop in the future!

Waterfall near Boquete
Until next time Panama!