Starting our garden with egg shells

Ever since we officially reached spring I've been obsessed with starting a garden. We had one last year at our previous home and while small it was really fun to garden as a family on weekends and then enjoy the fruit (or veggies) of our labors. Two things I learnt: 1) plant as many snap pea plants as you have room for as the kids will eat them like candy 2) squash plants grow like alien invaders and need space.

This year I wanted to try something fun: sprouting our seeds in egg shells. I followed the directions found here and it's been a success! It's been over a week and we still have a few that have not sprouted but I blame my haphazard there's-a-toddler-with-octopus-arms-on-my-lap planting style. I'll probably stir the dirt and try those again.

We wanted to try a number of different veggies so one thing I made sure to do was mark the egg shells and the egg carton with the names of each plant. Using the egg shells it felt to me that the seeds sprouted more quickly then when I used plastic containers. And some (the infamous snap peas) sprouted so quickly I've had to put them in small pots while we rush to get our garden box ready.

We're looking forward to tending to these little plant babies.