Baby Makes Five!

We are excited to be welcoming another baby to the Moppet Kids family this spring. Our oldest daughter is excited and seems prepared for the upheaval, but it will be a shock for our youngest who really enjoys being "the baby". Here are 5 books we use to prepare our bigger kids for the changes they will see in mommy during the pregnancy, as well as the changes that will come with the new addition:

  • Babies Ruin Everything - We love this book. It has a great title I think any sibling can relate to. It's about the frustrations a new baby causes his big sister, until she realizes the baby can be an ally. Favorite line: "mom and dad are no match for the baby and me".
  • I'm a Big Sister - This one is simple, short, and a classic.
  • Baby Makes Five - We are on a big Berenstain Bears kick right now so we had to get their take on a new baby. This one is perfect for our family and acknowledges the challenges of a new baby, but also gives some great perspective on what it means to be part of a family.
  • The Baby Tree - This book helps explain to kids where babies come from in a cute and approachable way.
  • 9 Months - This book is great for following along during the pregnancy to show the kids what is happening as the baby grows inside mommy. It helps them feel connected to the baby and the process.

Wish us luck on this journey!! We just entered the 3rd trimester today and I know the next few months will fly by.